Flow measurements at the Lunsemfwa Hydropower station with the DischargeKeeper and DKlight

One lego component of the TEMBO project is to develop transformative camera-based river discharge measurements that are non-contact, cost effective, easily maintained, deployed, and adapted to local context in Africa. To this end SEBA DischargeKeeper (TRL 9) observation systems will be installed, side-by-side with other observation systems, for benchmarking purposes. Two pilot sites will be installed, one in the Lunsemfwa basin in Zambia, and the other one in the Black Volta in Ghana

The first DischargeKeeper (DK) has already been installed at the diversion dam in Lunsemfwa. The DK is solar-powered, has a bullet camera and it is using an external radar to measure the water level. The DK has a cellular router, but we are also testing satellite communication via the Starlink system.

Additionally, the OpenRiverCam software wasalso installed within the DK, both systems are processing the same videos andusing the data. Monitoring values from the DK can be visualized using the webplatform, and access has been given to relevant stakeholders.


During the process of installation Lunsemfwahydropower has given great support, and we are working together with them forthe a further co-development of the system.

To have a more cost effective, easily maintained and deployed, and adapted to local context in Africa the ptBox was developed. The ptBox is a small device which has computing, modem and camera devices all integrated in a small box, which can be installed and it uses less power.


The DK software can be installed in the ptBox as well as other software like OpenRiverCam. Currently we are testing this hardware with both software installed.